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The year of the alternative advent calendar.

For me, 2017 will be remembered as the year that advent calendars went mad. They stepped into a whole new level. Some smart Alec (where the heck does this phrase come from?) decided that chocolate advent calendars were not enough. Cover my ears! You can now get an advent calendar containing almost anything.

Of course there have been “fill your own” advents for a while now. Mainly focused on children and adopted by parents who don’t want their precious munchkins having chocolate or because they suffer with allergies. All fab reasons.

But now our little munchkins are being indulged by the supermarkets. A couple of pound (if that, thank you Poundland) on a chocolate advent calendar will no longer suffice. You can now be nagged into buying advents anywhere from £15 upwards to £10,000 (yes really, the feature gift being a £300 Dyson hairdryer) containing Cars, Lego, Playmobil, Frozen characters. The list is endless. I know this isn’t that new but it’s got bigger and more varied this year. Everyone is in on the act.

As for the adults? Well this is where the fun really starts. Counting down to Christmas? For many this is still a celebration of the birth of Christ. So why not count down with a sex toy a day (enter monkey that sees no evil emoji here)! I’m not religious myself but I’m sure this has gone down fabulously amongst those who still hold sacred the true meaning of Christmas.

Sex toys not your thing? We’ve got wine, gin, Yankee candles, bath bombs, makeup, some YouTube girl that everyone has gone bonkers over her charging £50 for bits you can find for a quarter of the price. I just can’t even imagine how next year can top this! Will people be hitting self storage. 25 lockup’s, each containing a new Range Rover a day for the missus. Our consumerist minds have gone mad!

So this year I’ve treated myself and hubs to a little more upmarket calendar in the form of Lindt Chocolate. £5 each in Asda if you don’t mind (not an ad).  Next year I may well demand a nail varnish or bath bomb advent calendar who knows but for now I’ll sit back and enjoy my first love, milk chocolate. Mm mmm. And this little festive rhyme for your reading pleasure.

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me

12 Yankee candles

11 Star Wars Lego’s

10 sample scents

9 gins for drinking

8 Peppa Pig toys

7 fizzy bath bombs

6 tins of Pringles

5 wines for swigging

4 Clarins skincare

3 toot toot cars

2 nipple pasties

And a box full of stinky cheese.

I hope you enjoyed that. Hands up if your are now googling nipple pasties?


Have you and your family opted for an alternative advent calendar this year? Please share them with us. Seasons Greetings to you all.

Much love until next time.

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47 thoughts on “The year of the alternative advent calendar.

  1. I had to google nipple pasties immediately and then spent far too long wondering what occasion I would ever possibly have to wear them and then thought sod it I’ll have the heart shaped ones and give my OH an early christmas present!;) Another rather good side effect of being a blogger and reading such fab posts!!
    Thanks for being such a great part of the #mainyloveschristmas get together this year.
    Love Mainy x

  2. Its so true, I know what you mean with consumerism on the rise but I must say the beauty ones always tempt me, the price tag not so much! 🙂

  3. Things have really got out of hand with advent calendars this year. It feels like everyone has jumped on the bandwagon! I’m almost scared to see what on earth there will be next year. Let’s hope it’s all just a passing fad… #mainyloveschristmas

    1. I’m on the fence slightly. On the one hand I think i’d love a beauty calendar, on the other my christmas is far too expensive as it is so £50 on an advent just ain’t gonna happen. I really feel for the parents that can’t keep up with these trends too.

      Thanks for stopping by. #MainyLovesChristmas

  4. You forgot the Kellog’s cereal one lol. I have a chocolate one for myself and Olivia and a Beauty and the Beast one for Olivia too. Very true they have gone crazy and we have had a Yankee candle one in the past too. She also has a star wars lego one at her dads……. yes we’ve gone too far and things are totally out of hand. Why do we even need them all? #mainyloveschristmas

  5. £10,000! 🙈 And a hairdryer in an advent calendar?! That’s crazy! The world seems to have gone mad! I think I’ll stick with my Dairy Milk calendar!


  6. I have a soap and glory advent calendar and hubby also got me a Yankee Candle one. I know there are a lot of different ones now, but I never knew there was a sex toys one! I am no prude but I think that is taking things a little too far lol!

  7. I think we’ve all gone a bit crazy for advent calendars and they all seems to be getting bigger and bigger! Thank you so much for linking up with #KCACOLS and we hope you join in next time.

  8. Advent calendar mad this year it definitely has saved us time and effort into thinking what we are going to buy to put into out wooden tree one we have. I have to say I was spoilt this year with 2 advent calendar ‘ s my No. 7 and miniture candles from Dunelm. And I like a few others also thought that (although I do use No.7 products a lot) I was going to be dissapointed. But I know it’s only day 5 and have to say how impressed I am with it. Not all the products are miniture (only 1 so far) as I thought they would be. It’s going to be hard to beat next year unless it’s the nipple pasties 😂. I do miss my chocolate one but I can’t be greedy. And besides that’s why I bought him the chocolate one so we can share 😂😂.

    1. It looks and sounds fab. I defo want the same next year. A candle a day too. Love it! Gotta always have my chocolate though. George has two chocolate ones and he’s still asking if he can have my chocolate! No chance kid! Lol.

      Thanks for stopping by Diana x

  9. hahah i’m so scared to google nipple pasties! My little guy has ended up with the normal chocolate and he’s been bought a lego advent this year too, it’s getting a bit silly now if i’m honest but I haven’t bought them so I didn’t spend my money.

    1. Ah I don’t think there is any harm in them to be honest. It just amazes me that we are still finding new ways to adapt and alter things. You’d think we would run out of ideas. Consumerism has gone absolutley mental though. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. Well, I’m going to be googling nipple pasties now! 😂
    I’m lucky if I get the standard chocolate one. I need to ramp up my hinting next year.

  11. Oh wow, you have just reminded me of advents when I was a child. It was so exciting to open a picture! Kids today do not know how lucky they are 🙂

  12. I have loved seeing some alternative advent calendars but honestly I am still loving my Lindt chocolate one and will stick with that this year.

  13. Ha! Yes it does seem to have gone totally crazy this year. Some of us are old enough to remember being shocked when they started putting chocolate in advent calendars! I think I was 15 or so when that novelty started!

    1. Wow. Kids just don’t get that shock and surprise anymore really do they. I try so hard to teach my son true appreciation but we all have so much these days. Things are easier to obtain too. I’m not knocking it persay.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  14. Lol it is going a bit crazy isn’t it?! I made up alternative advent calendars last year but being (heavily) pregnant at the moment, I just couldn’t be bothered this year! My friend made a book calendar for Mia for me and I bought my partner a pork scratchings one as he loves them! More effort next year! 🙂


    1. Ooooh a new bubs. How exciting. Best gift ever when that window opens 😜

      Yes I love the book idea. I need to start buying and organising early on ij the year next year to make the budget better.

      Thanks for stopping by #KCACOLS

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