Working from home – how I miss the comfort of a team.

Working from home is something I always hoped and dreamed for. I feel so fortunate to be a work at home parent. But it doesn’t stop me pining for the team spirit I once had when I was employed for the NHS.

What’s a woman to do. We’ve just had World Book Day and it really struck a chord with me. And probably not for the reasons you are already presuming before your finger heads towards that “X”. World book day made me realise I really kind of want a job in the outside world. Or do I?

So for 11 years pre motherhood, I worked in the NHS in pharmacy sector. It was hard work but that’s not the point. The social aspect was fab. I always felt like part of a huge family and there was always something going on. Jeans for jeans, Red Nose Day, national what can you make for lunch out of brussel sprouts day (ok I made that one up). The point is, there was always something to get involved in and feel part of a team.

Cut to now. I have a 4 year old due to start school in September. I’m a blogger (just about) and a work at home mum doing admin management and bookkeeping for hubs accountancy business. It’s the perfect role. I can earn my own money. I boost hubs income by freeing his time up to take on more work. Plus the work can be fit in around George so I get to spend more time with him.

It’s a no brainer. We are doing the best we have done in years financially, having just sold our house, we actually have a plan for the future.

But here’s me with my, “somethings always missing attitude”, feeling like I’m not part of a team. Seeing not just the children but grown ups too, heading off to work in their costumes for world book day, made me ponder. I really miss it. I miss taking part in baking competitions and collections for so and so’s birthday. So what is the answer?

It would be financial suicide to give up what we have going right now and get a full time job. Plus I couldn’t get a job that pays anything near what I earn at home, or used to in the NHS without forking out for childcare. This would leave me worse off financially and as a parent it would sting.

So maybe the answer is to get some work out of usual office hours. Once George is in bed. Realistically though that’s only going to leave me exhausted and without any time to spend with hubs. Plus I’m trying to invest more time in strengthening my body and we are looking into having another baby so…another reason really to not start a role within a company.

I’m really not looking for an answer because there isn’t one. I have an obstacle for most solutions to my problem. I guess I’m just wondering if other mums and dads are out there missing the same things as me. How do you feels with it? It’s ok to miss something without it meaning it was a bad decision.

It’s so trivial but it in a roundabout way it it’s essentially loneliness. People visit me and George regularly, but it’s always “until the next time” and we never know when that might be. I don’t have a set routine of what’s coming next.

I love being in control of my own time (although I’m pretty poor at managing it of late) but I really miss having a team to share the days with.

One of the blogging forums I am a part of had a thread recently that asked if we thought of each other as colleagues. I suppose in a round about way we are the closest we have.

I spend a fair amount of time chatting online with these ladies and gents about subjects that aren’t all parenthood and blogging. Alls we are lacking is a dress up and bring cake in day.

Do you work from home? Can you relate?

Wanna share?

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