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A look inside my crazy mind

My brain is literally always on thought overload and I find blogging a great way to download some of those thoughts. After all, it’s selfish not to share! Here’s a look inside my crazy mind.

Do you ever have those moments where your thoughts go into overdrive? Not because you have a lot on your mind or you are stressed or under pressure. Just random thoughts that come all at once. Like a Duracell bunny on speed on a 100mph motorbike whizzing around your mind thinking about everything and anything.

No idea what I’m talking about? Let me paint you a picture. Myself and hubs are walking around central London, when I asked him what he was thinking. “Nothing” he replies. Nothing!!! So I explain to him EXACTLY what I’m thinking.

A running commentary of my thoughts if you will, for just a few moments as we walk down the busy London street through the lunchtime rush on a weekday.

And as Run DMC would say, now it goes a lil something like this…..

“Oooh I love that woman’s outfit, she’s bang on trend but she doesn’t look like she’s tried too hard, what the….what the fuck is that girl wearing! Why is everyone is such a rush?! How do people relax here!? Oooh look at those boulders,that’s a nice sculpture. Wooooow that building looks pretty impressive, I love the way the architecture differs so much down here. Oh god a homeless man, shall I talk to him? Why is he homeless? When did he last eat? Is he really homeless? Why is he holding a saying saying he had no food? Do the coffee shops here not have those honorary sandwiches and coffees that people have paid for? Why isn’t he getting one of those? Why are the pavements changing so much? They’re made of so many different things it’s disorientating.”

After blurting this out to hubs at the same speed it entered my mind, I expected him to run scared in the other direction. Thankfully he didn’t and we are still happily married.

It has left me questioning however if my thoughts and mind are somewhat unique or if there are other perfectly sane individuals out there with the same over active thoughts. Keeping them silently entertained each day. We know hubs mind is full of…nothing?! How does your mind operate?

overthinking, crazy, thought overload, crazy mind

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  1. I can imagine a man’s thoughts being quite similar to ‘ I’m hungry, what times the football on?’ I’m trying to think of more things but I’m struggling lol 😊
    Typical woman thing to think 100 mph!! Which is why I’m always being accused of not concentrating on what he’s saying 😂😀

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