Telltale signs you live with a parent blogger

Parent bloggers are spreading faster than that bout of conjunctivitis at preschool. Have you been wondering if the blogging bug has entered your household?

Has your partner been acting strangely? Does the delivery company have a designated parking spot at your house? Do people around you seem to know more about your life than you? Chances are you are living with a parent blogger. If you are uncertain, here are some telltale signs to help you decide.

  • They are always randomly scribbling notes on a pad or tapping notes into their phone at any hour of the day or time. If an idea comes to mind we gotta get that shizzle documented before someone asks for another snack and the idea is gone forever.


  • Every day out or event , he/she are no longer standing with the rest of the crowd trying to get a big standard picture with all and sundry in the shot. They are laying on the floor trying to get the right angle or standing precariously behind their non identified child trying hard to make the pic look like they were involved but without exposing their identity or any other child’s for that matter.


  • You can no longer go anywhere with them without them just having to update their insta stories and tag and check themselves in.


  • They’ve deleted any friends or family who own a social media account but don’t use it. Let’s face it they can’t have a list of people they are following bigger than their number of followers. Cutbacks have to come somewhere.


  • They are always on the lookout for an “insta-worthy” wall/doorway/backdrop.


  • They say “cheese” a lot. “Let’s do a cheese in front of this”, “Come have a cheese with me” “Can you take my cheese” I actually laughed out loud at that one. Just me? Or do most people actually use the word “picture” or “photo”?


  • They are never finished with what they are doing. A Bloggers works is NEVER done. There is always more you can do so it’s very hard to draw a line and say no, I’m clocking off for the day. Don’t hold this against them.


  • You’ll find all manner of things you never knew you wanted or needed cropping up in your home which you MUST try because suddenly we are all reviewing it. A light in your toilet bowl, microwaveable crisps, bedsheets, recipes the list is endlessly fabulous. Parent bloggers are your jack of all trades.


  • You are constantly being told to get out of shot. They want a gorgeous image of your toddler in front of a lake. Minus your arse or you staring at your phone. We are trying to paint a picture of blissful, parent blogger, family perfection here! (Not!)


  • You choose your words carefully, fearful that you may end up a feature in their next post.


  • They suddenly ask you for weird things as gifts. Lightboxes, tripods, light screens, backdrops, notepads.


  • They suddenly have a huge collection of friends. Most of which you, (or they for that matter) have never met (in real life anyway).
  • They have their own language that only other bloggers (and I.T pros) understand. Alien phrases referring to SEO, algorithms, flesch readings and meta tags are now commonly echoing around the walls of your home.

Have I missed any? If you suspect your partner may be a parent blogger and think I’ve missed any symptoms off the list, feel free to add them in the comments below.

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20 thoughts on “Telltale signs you live with a parent blogger

  1. This is so funny, I found myself nodding at every single point! Very very true, especially about the fact that the work is never done. This always manages to amaze me. Every time I think I am getting on top of things I remember something that I forgot to do. And having two small kids I often sit down at night because I finally have some peace and quiet so often my husband doesn’t get to see me. He understands at this stage how obsessive it is so thankfully he doesn’t grumble too much! #KCACOLS

  2. Another one for me would be taking photos of food that I’m preparing – random collections of ingredients and food in the pan – in case I do a recipe post on it one day and also taking photos of food and drink I’m served in a restaurant, for future food posts! My five year old thinks its so funny when she looks through the photos on my phone and finds all these pictures of drinks! She also wants to take photos of anything and everything these days, too! Thanks for linking up with #kcacols.

  3. I love this really made me laugh. I will have to show it to my husband who thinks I am living on another planet as well as speaking a different language these days!

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