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Selling houses – Weird Things to Worry About

Those of you that know me or are regular visitors to this blog will know we are going through the process of selling our home. After making the announcement here , I’ve had a lot of support from friends and family and interest in how the process is going.

I’m so excited to announce after 5 weeks, numerous viewings and four offers, we sold our house last wednesday.

We are well underway with solicitors and the buyer is hopefully scheduling a survey for the end of this week. He is selling to first time buyers and as you know, we are moving into rental. So fingers crossed it should be a short process and we can be in our new home by Christmas. Although I’m in no particular hurry.


One month into this selling houses business I realised how it could quickly become stressful. I’ve absolutely loved the house feeling clean, fresh and tidy. Mrs Hinch totally came into my life at the right time.

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But living the showhome life with 3 cats, a bearded husband and a three year old did make me a little highly strung. As they each took it in turns daily to undo my hard work and efforts. Life must go on though, as everyone told me. I made sure that I stayed on top of everything cleaning and tidying wise., and still do. George is allowed his toys out but everything has to be considered under the motto;

“can this be tidied and showhome ready in 30 minutes”

If the answer to the above is no, then we had to stop what we are doing and have a little speed tidy. George was wholeheartedly on board. Whilst he may cheekily jump on the beds I have just smoothed out, he is happily tidying one thing before getting another out. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Ok maybe for hubs to shut his sock drawer and take his coffee mug downstairs but we can’t all be perfect! (*winks coyly).


Whilst our house is now sold subject to contract, we aren’t in a position to look at rentals yet. The rental market moves quick. Well round here it does. We are at least another two to four weeks away. In order to secure a rental we would need to put a deposit down. We would be silly to do this until we have exchanged contracts. There is always room for things to go wrong. Should the sale fall through, we would be left with the commitment of paying two sets of bills.

There have recently been a few houses that have come and gone onto the rental market that have caught our eye. This has boosted our optimism that when the time comes, we will be able to find something local without having to relocate.

So whilst your typical human type will be worrying about… well I don’t know what you normal humans worry about??? I suspect top of the list of your average mindset would be school catchment, crime rate, access local facilities?

Meanwhile in overactive imagination land, I am worrying about the following;


  • Ghosts and the supernatural – Literally top of my list. Luckily I live with three cats so they are walking supernatural detectors. It doesn’t stop me worrying though. Literally it’s one of my biggest fears and I would have to move out the day I saw one!
  • Spiders and creatures – I know what kind of creepy crawlies are within our current vicinity. After living in our house for 11 years there haven’t been many surprises. The odd spider but nothing like the beasts I see some people posting on social media! What if our new house is a magnet for regular tarantula sized arachnids! Someone I know locally moved house and kept finding weird lizard things in her new home! What the actual fuck will I have in store for me. I try to love and respect all living creatures but it doesn’t mean I want them in my home.
  • Temperature – Whilst everyone was complaining about the heatwave this past summer, I was pretty content at home. Our house retains the heat pretty well but it also maintains the coolness. By far, of all the non air conditioned places I visited during this Summer’s heatwave, our house was the coolest place to be as long as the windows were pulled to. What if our new house is a sweat box in the Summer and an ice box in the Winter! Annoying more than anything.
  • Noise – Where we currently live is dead quiet. The neighbours are well behaved, dogs included. We are spoilt really. What if at our new house they play loud music all day? Road noise, yapping dogs that are left out and neglected all day… the list goes on.

Maybe it’s a good thing we are renting and will only be tied into a six or twelve month contract!


Have you had any unusual worries when moving home? I’d love to hear them.


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11 thoughts on “Selling houses – Weird Things to Worry About

  1. Oh it’s such a big decision trying to find somewhere to live. I remember when we moved house, my daughter (who was 4 at the time) had just 1 stipulation – it had to have a sandpit in the garden. That worked for us – we bought a sandpit, stuck it in the loft and, miraculously, when we moved house, a sandpit appeared in the new house’s garden! Haha. If only the real house worries were that easy to fix! lol. #blogcrush

    1. Aww bless her. Yes we have done the same except we agreed on this giant thomas track thing that’s like £90 odd at the moment. It does look pretty cool though. I just hope the new house has room for it. Thanks for stopping by. #blogcrush

  2. Firstly congrats on selling your house, hope you find a suitable rental property soon. We rent in Dubai and own properties in the UK, nosie is the biggest worry for me in the form of inconsiderate neighbours, where we currently rent we have lots of families around us, so once 9pm comes all is quiet which is lovely #blogcrush

  3. Cassie, it is an extremely stressful situation! And I know people who have had their home on the market for much longer than you did. I hope the transaction goes smoothly and you find a lovely place to rent. #BlogCrush ~ Jean

  4. My biggest worry when moving is always about my new neighbors. Will we get along? Are they nice, safe, and respectful? We have had good luck and bad when it comes to neighbors.

  5. Oh my gosh, you have done so well to keep a clear head during this process! I have two cats and it seems like every time I hoover within a matter of hours there is hair every where again ha! I would totally be thinking about creepy beasties and the supernatural too 🙂 I really enjoyed this read. Thanks for sharing.


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