[AD – Gifted] **Closed** Review & Giveaway: Cry Babies doll

**Disclosure – We were provided with a Cry Babies doll in return for this review. All opinions are honest and our own**

I’m still new to this giveaway malarkey but I’m really excited to offer you the chance to win two fabulous toys. The second of which being this fab Cry Babies doll. Read on to find out more.

We were recently contacted by IMC Toys and offered two fab toys to review. The first is a review of the bath time dolls, Bloopies which I have written about here. The second being one of the Cry Babies dolls.

Now there’s a funny story to this. If you have been following the series of My Life: The Comedy Sketch show then this is most definitely worthy of a place.

A while back, I received an email form a representative for IMC Toys asking if we would like to review a Cry Babies doll. George sometimes watches the TV channel Tiny Pop, and the advert for these dolls pops up frequently. George has always expressed an interest in these dolls and did the usual ” I want that” chorus every time the advert comes on.

Once I had confirmed the review, I told George we would be getting a baby, a Cry Baby. He looked at my tummy and I explained that “No”, in fact the Cry Babies doll would not be coming from my tummy but via a delivery from the postman.

A few days later when I arrived to collect George from preschool, his key person called me over for a chat. She said she didn’t like to ask but she had to satisfy her curiosity. George had apparently spent the morning telling all the staff that “Mummy has a baby in her tummy and that he will be getting a brother or sister!”

I thought it was hilarious and had to tell all the ladies that actually no, we were going to be receiving a Cry Babies doll not an actual baby. They may be the “cutest baby, is so real” but I’m not ready to birth one!

Back to the Cry Babies and our baby is called Dotty. She is one of three dolls new to the Cry Babies collection as of April 2018. The recommended retail price is £29.99 available from retailers Argos, Amazon, Asda, B&M and Smyths as well as some independent retailers. Again I would be happier if they were around £25.

When we unpacked Dotty, both myself and George were impressed that the packaging was in the form of a car seat. Dotty is dressed in a spotty dog onesie. Her pink hair and eyebrows confused George slightly but he quickly sussed out how to make her cry and make her happy again.


By removing the Cry Babies hood, you will find a screw cap to remove. This allows you to fill the tear compartment in her head with water. Then replace the cap, and the hood if you so wish. The Cry Babies have a switch inside the back of their babygro that allows you to switch them on, off or on try me mode. Once switched on, you squeeze the button on the back of Cry Babies head.

Following this, whenever her dummy is removed, she cries tears and makes a crying and gurgling noise. The noise wasn’t particularly annoying to myself as another mum had suggested to me. I’m very tolerant of noise and it’s not particularly loud. It’s a bonus that she can be switched off if it does become too intense. Our three cats were not as amused, thinking we were way past the wailing baby phase.

The tears are a bit of a tricky one. With tears coming thick and fast it wasn’t long before our Cry Baby Dotty was sitting in a puddle. Be careful where you allow little one to play with this if you don’t want things getting soaked through. We sat her on a tea towel.


Our verdict:

Mummy’s verdict: The crying noise these dolls make is fairly realistic but other than that I don’t feel a doll who soaks through her clothes with tears whilst sporting pink hair and eyebrows can be described as “the cutest baby, is so real”. That said, I think George was adorable with her. He loved to look after her and put her in a pushchair he has.

George’s verdict: George loved that she cried and taking her dummy out and putting it back in again. Although there was a knack to this and as he is only 3 himself. He struggled at times to push the dummy fully in, which is required to stop her crying. He was so proud of his Cry Baby, he took her in to school for show and tell.


George wasn’t too protective of the idea that she is a baby to be cared for. However and was quick to switch her off if he couldn’t get her dummy in. A lot of this stems from his feelings towards saving batteries though. He was in awe when he saw me rock her and pat her back, noticing that it soothes her without her needing her dummy.

I can imagine these dolls being a helpful tool for any children due to become siblings.

Would we recommend Cry Babies? Most definitely!

IMC Toys Cry Babies and Bloopies Giveaway
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212 thoughts on “[AD – Gifted] **Closed** Review & Giveaway: Cry Babies doll

  1. My daughter would like this prize giveaway – but, don’t kids have such fabulous toys these days – i would have loved this doll x

  2. My friend’s little girl came round recently with one of these and ever since my 3 year old has been going on about them. Very cute but noisy!

  3. What an amazing doll and great review. I would love to win for my niece who would be in dolly heaven.

  4. It is a great review. All the necessary information and your unbiased opinion. Fantastic. Have subscribed.
    I love to win this for my own daughter, she would love it

  5. I’d love to win for my daughter, it’s her birthday next month and she’s always wanted a cry baby doll as her best friend has one.

  6. wow my granddaughter would love this dolly (if it make too much noise its going home with her, if its quiet it can live in nannys ever growing toy box lol)

  7. My daughter has seen Cry babies in Tv already and she wants it very badly. She sent letter to Santa already about it 🙂

  8. I love how personal and informative your review is. I love how George was a big fan and I love how he doesn’t have restrictions on what toys he can play with based on whether he’s a boy or a girl. 10/10

  9. I think its a very good review and with 5 grandaughters to chose from i would be stuck for who to give it to so i would probably keep it at my house so they can play when they come to visit.

    1. Ah thank you Debbie. Your feedback really means a lot to me. It’s so nice to read positive comments about your writing. Ah 5 granddaughters! You lucky lady. Thank you so much for entering and best of luck to you. X

  10. Fabulous review – makes me wish I was still a child 😁 I would love to win this for my niece Emily – She would absolutely adore such lovely dollies.

  11. I’d give one to each of my daughters, we’ve recently had a new baby and as the other two are still so young they like to try and help, They could play with their baby whilst I feed mine ect.

  12. I would love to win for my best friends little girl how kind I loved the review very detailed but in a good way and the pics are so cute

  13. this looks great fun . I wonder if the crying would upset the dog as she hates babies crying and cries herself! I would love to win this for my niece

  14. I would love to win this to give to my God daughter. Although my son would really enjoy playing with them too

    1. Ah perfect. I think it’s pretty cool. I met a woman in the queue at the zoo and her little girl had one and the woman warned me off getting one because it annoyed her but it has an off switch and it’s not overly loud. I’m not against noise. It’s what kids do. They are cute. Thanks for entering and best of luck. I hope your daughter has a fab birthday.

  15. The review seemed honest and realistic. My granddaughter would love a new doll to play with.

  16. I think you are right it can’t really be realistic when it has pink hair and eyebrows however I know my daughter would be besotted with this so I’m hopefully going to win it for her lol

  17. I love this doll and so would my daughter. Love the big eyes they’re putting in dolls and bears they’re adorable. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  18. I would love to win this for my daughter Jasmine. I love the story about your son’s nursery 😉

  19. This would be wonderful for our little Granddaughter, she loves to play with her dolls and this she would love just as much as her others

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