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Motherhood:Welcome to the jungle! We’ve got fun & games. 

Motherhood! As Guns and Roses described it so aptly, “Welcome to the jungle! we’ve got fun and games!”

It’s like having a very nervous, dependant, excitable and energetic puppy dog for some of the time and a very old, wise, independent yet loves his cuddles cat the rest. Speaking from an animal lovers perspective of course.

Throw in the occasional moments of your typical cheeky monkey that pees in your direction and throws his banana skin at you, mixed in with the obligatory goldfish that likes to suck your finger.

As you watch them grow you’ll find they begin to develop into a squawking, mimicking parrot with the temper of a chimpanzee who just wants his food and will bang his fists on the table to demand it then promptly nibble it and throw it at you if they’re not filling their cheeks full of it in true hamster fashion.

Followed by the beautiful moments they begin to emerge as a worm, wriggling across the floor, with the odd meerkat moment up on their knees and then one day they just walk across the room to you nonchalantly like it’s something they have done all their life!

Then there’s bath times. You’ll either get a cross between a dolphin, confidently flipping and flapping around without a care for how much water covers their face. Then there’s the occasions when your confident dolphin decides to be an extremely rigid and determined not to get clean moggy who will do anything in its power to avoid having that water touch them.

If you ever want a small inkling of the honest trials of motherhood just imagine you are in the zoo. As much as you’ll enjoy watching these creatures in their habitats and observing their behaviour, you’ll sympathise with the zoo keeper for the marvellous job they do at just keeping the animals clean, fed, watered and happy.

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