Meditating to distraction

Meditation seemed like a good idea at the end of an intense day. I’ve never meditated before, nor do I know how. Pinch of salt not provided with this post.

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Meditating seemed like a good idea at the end of an intense day. I’ve had a lot on my mind lately with a lot of changes life changing decisions being made at home. I’ve never meditated before, nor do I know how.

But briefly I figured that imagining myself on a desert island, toes in the sand, crystal clear water lapping around me was the perfect start. Eyes shut and lying back on my bed, I could see it. I have a pretty vivid imagination anyway but I could see how blue the water was. I could almost feel the warmth of the sand. The sun on my bare back. With my wind chime gently clinking in the back garden, the scene was set!

And then suddenly…a wood pigeon, yeah that’s right, the cooing of a wood pigeon. Then a bloody man rides past on a bicycle. Focus, focus. You are losing your way here. But I can’t get that orange fence out the corner of my eye. Just in the middle of my perfect beach scene. And then a neighbour pops their head over the fence, BBQ tongues in hand, and asks if I want a hotdog?

The to do list starts to creep back into my head and…fuck it! I’m back on the bed!

Next time I might try it with earplugs. I can see why a lot of Mamas opt for wine instead.

Please note, pinch of salt not provided with this post.

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19 thoughts on “Meditating to distraction

  1. Haha! It can be really hard to maintain your meditation can’t it? I used to meditate with my Auntie who was a Buddhist monk, absolutely loved it but you definitely need to be away from distractions!

    Thank you so much for linking up to #KCACOLS! Hope to see you again next time

  2. Ha ha yep. There’s always something. I tired to do it in bed the night before then G woke up next door and I was up until 3 trying to cadjole him back to bed….roll on September and he starts at playschool, those two hours might just be sanity saving! You’re not alone flower! #KCACOLS

  3. I tried to have a cheeky little nap the other afternoon and they guy across the road started using a chainsaw in his garden! How bloody rude of him! It’s so hard to find a quiet moment isn’t it, everything fromour day etc just creeps into our mind and makes it nigh on impossible to actually rest/relax.

  4. Urgh I hear you! I never manage to get any peace and quiet these days. My zen left the building a long time ago. I wouldn’t mind if I was offered a hot dog though! #kcacols

    1. Lol thank you. Yes it’s defo something I’d like to look into properly. Be nice to have a hobby that doesn’t involve a screen. Or even having my eye open although I think sleep could count as a hobby once you become a parent lol Thanks for stopping by #KCACOLS

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