Has becoming a mum made me lazy? 

There are days I feel I’ve definitely fulfilled my potential as both a mama and a human being. And then there are days where I feel outrageously lazy. 

These lazy feelings rarely happened when I worked a 9-5. I worked like a maniac as often my workload was more than the hours I could fit them into. Always working against a deadline. Patients needing their meds, doctors wanting the drug charts, the pharmacy closing for dispensing and so on. 

Evenings were for cooking and prepping for the following day at work. Weekends were precious down time, a chance to have fun (wink, wink) and to keep on top of the house work, most of which would be blitzed on a Sunday morning whilst hubs was at footie training. 

Cut to life as a stay at home mum. Life feels like one big weekend. Although of course hubs only joins us here and there as he’s working working (a bit like out out). Unlike myself (rolls eyes, ha ha).  

The cleaning well it happens when I get sick of looking at everything, things start to smell or my feet are getting covered in too much grit when I walk around the house, bleugh. We live in a two up, two down with me, hubs, George nearly three and three cats who mainly live indoors. 

My house isn’t filthy as such but I have no set routine. I just do stuff when I can be bothered. There feels like a permanent flood of toys flowing in my direction along with crumbs and chalk dusk, magic sand and pieces of cut up paper. Chuck in the tumbleweed style balls of cat hair floating my across the laminate in the toddlers back draft and thus sets the scene. 

Then there’s me. If we don’t have plans and I’m not stood at the kitchen sink (why the heck do I feel like I live at that sink!?) Then I’m sat on the sofa watching George play. Or reading him a story or watching a film together. Doing some something research, planning or blogging related on my phone. 

Then there’s the dust. I used to be the type of gal that dusted the tops of her door frames. I felt compelled to after watching so many episodes of “Four in a bed” and seeing how much this disgusted people. Now I don’t know where the dust goes but it’s not on the duster as that thing barely comes out of the cupboard. 

Why not? I hear you thinking. I honestly don’t know. I’m sure I could fit it in but now I’m a mama maybe I’m just lazy. Every moment of my time that isn’t commanded by George, I mentally tell myself to sit and chill. 

“You deserve this” I reward my lazy self. 

Do I though! I used to be on my feet 8 hours a day at my job. Yes I was tired but I was a fit size 12. Ok so I’ve been on migraine prevention tablets that made me gain 3 stone and go up to a size 16 but could I shift that quicker if I just got off my arse? 

Genuinely I don’t know. I have to be sure not to over exert myself too much at times as it makes my migraines more susceptible. But excuses aside I really need to maybe make myself a cleaning routine. 

I put a ridiculous amount of effort into days out, playing with George, DIY, tending to and revamping the garden. It’s literally the cleaning and tidying that makes me feel like I’m the laziest mofo of the land. And yet I know that if I made a schedule for every task that I will inevitably miss, I’ll then proceed serve myself a lovely helping of guilt. 

What do you think? Are you a stay at home parent or working parent? Do you feel any lazier since becoming a parent? Do you have any tips for staying on top of the household chores? I’d love to hear them. If nothing else but to make myself feel a little less like the lazy biatch I probably am. 

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20 thoughts on “Has becoming a mum made me lazy? 

  1. I don’t do anything like as much as I used to, but that’s because there aren’t enough hours in the day! I spend every spare moment I have working. Which is also not good (actually writing as post about this!).

    I say enjoy life, whatever that looks like for you and yours. <3

    1. Thank you for your kind words.

      Genuinely though, I have no idea how I used to manage an intense eight hour day working for the NHS! Lol. Are children and housekeeping really that much more work? Lol. Is there even a comparison?

      Thanks for stopping by. #KCACOLS

  2. My standards have plummeted since having kids! I just don’t find the time to keep on top of it anymore. I say you’re doing it all right. Its way better to enjoy time with your little ones than to waste time on dusting. You’re definitely not lazy for taking time for you! X #kcacols

  3. Although I do ALOT during the day with housework, working from home and entertaining my little boy and school runs with my two older girls, I do feel lazier and feel I’d have a lot more energy if I was to go out working. I think it’s doing the same thing every single day that gets to me and I can’t be bothered with it all the time. #KCACOLS

  4. I have some days when I am incredibly lazy and some days I don’t stop. Being a Mum is totally exhausting!
    Thanks so much for linking up to #kcacols. We hope you can join us next time.

  5. I don’t have a set routine for jobs either, I describe my life as trying to race up an escalator which is set to “down”. I do my best, but I can never fully achieve it all. Children are young for a short time. Sitting back with a cuppa and watching them is also important! #KCACOLS

  6. Having kids means that things will never be completely clean again lol. Looking after little man is hard work, so what if you don’t do all the house work, all that matters is that you are all happy.

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