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Full time vs stay at home mummy!

Having just resigned from my job/career/life in the world of pharmacy to become a stay at home mummy I have been presented with a glaringly obvious faux pas of the present day.

Whilst informing my fellow colleagues and acquaintances of my decision to resign I was met with the same initial question.

“Oh really what are you going to do?”

Knowing that I was quitting to enable me to be at home with our one year old son, my response was “oh I’m going to be a full time mummy for a bit”. A full time mummy? This is by no means a phrase I coined myself.

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It’s one of those terms I’ve heard bandied about by mummies of the world. Still relatively new to the world of parenthood, (yes I know I’m one year in but there always something to learn so I’ll always be new to it) I just used this familiar term lightly. Now, I have been known to be rather good at theoretically picking things to pieces. My less fonder fans would say pedantic, the more favourable of my personality describe me as thorough. That said I am feeling rather inclined to pick the term full time mummy apart, stitch by stitch.

Are we suggesting that women that go out to work are not full time mummies? Had you said this to me when I was working it would have been enough of an insult to send my hormones into the rage zone. Having completed my favourite pastime of googling this topic I found that there is a common divide. Between those who find the term insulting and then those who find the term irritating. As a result, it’s a term that not only will I no longer use. But I will avidly correct and discuss with anyone who uses it in future. In the meantime my brain will slowly dissect the term “stay at home mummy” in an effort to look for an alternative. I don’t want people to think I don’t leave the house.☺️

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