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[AD] Plantpal Automatic Plant Pot Watering Review & Giveaway

For the green fingered amongst us, allow me to share with you my experience of the Plantpal automatic watering systems. With a chance to win your own.

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** Disclosure – In return for this review, I was provided with some of the Plantpal automatic watering products. All opinions are my own and the integrity of this post is not affected.**

This post will explain all you need to know about the Plantpal plant watering system and plant watering globes. There will be a chance to enter a giveaway at the end of the post to win your own. But first, a little about how I got into gardening.

I have always loved gardening. Almost every weekend when I was little, I would stay at my Nan and Grandad’s house. My Grandad’s fingers were the greenest around. His garden always looked absolutely phenomenal. It was a modest size in a Dagenham 3 bed but he made it shine. I spent so many happy hours swinging until I counted to one thousand on the cherry tree. Playing miniature golf in the holes he cut in the lawn. Grandad even taught me to ride my bike in that modest garden. I still remember the moment he first let go and I peddled on my own.

Even sweeter were the memories of mixing the right soil consistency and planting tomato plants in his glass greenhouse. Me perched high on my own wooden stall until Nan called us both in for dinner. I still can’t smell a vine ripe tomato without memories of my sweet Grandad flooding back.

My Mum inherited those green, green fingers and has always made me envious of her garden designs and layouts. When we were preparing to sell our house late last year, the garden wasn’t quite perfect. It had areas of prettiness but corners of mess and chaos. My mum had the ability to pull the whole thing together and make it look picture perfect for the estate agent website. I feel with every step I am always learning when it comes to gardening.

When Plantpal reached out, I knew their products were for me. Usually when I stay away from home, my nephew comes to housesit. He is usually still commuting to work and takes care of the cats whilst I’m gone. It wouldn’t be fair of me to ask him to water the plants as well and he wouldn’t have the time or inclination I’m sure.

I usually use the evenings to water the plants when I am at home. I’ve always been under the impression this reduces the amount evaporated by the heat of the sun. I have also been told that watering whilst the sun is hottest can scorch the leaves.

On the evenings hubs is home early enough to put G to bed, I pop in my earphones and just chill in my own zone whilst I water the plants. Hubs isn’t always home in time though and during hotter periods the plants need watering daily. This is where the plantpal watering systems will be such a welcome addition to my gardening life.

Plantpal Automatic Plant Pot Watering System 

The automatic plant pot watering system fits inside the plant pot, releasing water gradually to help the soil reach its optimum moisture level. If the plant is watered manually by hand or rain, the automatic watering system recognises this and adjusts the amount of water released. The Plantpal is buried within the pot out of sight, yet accessible for refilling every one to two weeks dependant on the season.

Unlike the globes, the plantpal watering system is not recommended for use in the winter months. To ensure the longevity of the product it should be removed and rinsed and the wicks replaced the following year. The system itself should last for many years.

I found it really easy to install as it simply needs to be buried in the pot with the water level indicator and refill cap uncovered. It’s important to ensure the capillary wick at the bottom of the system is is moistened first. This gauges the moisture of the soil. The system can also be used for indoor plants, bulbs and vegetables, as well as filling with liquid plant fertilisers.

Plantpal 3 watering globes (green, blue & orange)

The watering globes are my favourite. They are colourful, can be installed into the pot in moments and they also come in glass form. I have bought the glass globe watering systems from other brands as gifts but they have all had a simple pipe coming down from the globe.

Where the plantpal globes differ, is that they have a hydro-dynamic spike. This allows potted plants to water themselves via the capillary wick at the base. This, much like the watering system, gauges the moisture of the soil. Ensuring that the plant(s) is fed on demand without under or over watering. The globes are available in different volumes, depending on your pot size.

This globes look beautiful amongst my plants and flowers adding a pop of colour here and there. The globes can be used all year round, not just for holidays. So they are perfect if you are planting seasonal bulbs.

My overall conclusion is that I cannot fault these products so far. They are simple to use and reasonably priced. The watering system is ideal for newly potted and repotted plants and I feel they would be a welcome addition for next years vegetable patch.

Plantpal are giving one lucky reader the chance to win their own watering system and 3 globe set. Enter below for your chance to win. Best of Luck.

The giveaway ends August 22nd 2019. T’s and C’s apply.

Plantpal Giveaway #16

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  1. These sound like nice things to have in your garden. I wish my mother-in-law would have gotten them for her garden. Her garden didn’t get watered enough this year. #KCACOLS

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