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This post is very self centred and based upon 20 facts about me. But everyone is doing it so what the heck.

Thanks to Kate over at The Less-Refined Mind for tagging me.

  1. I go by many names. My full name is actually Cassandra, although most people call me Cass, Cassie, or Trig. I have also been known as Spamhead and CC.
  2. I had my phobia of spiders greatly lessened and almost cured by hypnotherapy.
  3. I’ve been scared of wind since the hurricane in the UK in 1983. I’ve learnt to deal with it better since I became a Mum but it still unnerves me.
  4. Touching money and jewellery is something I really dislike. I now wear jewellery but I used to freak out when I was younger if anyone made me touch it or wear it. I still hate the thought of where money has been. Making sure myself and George wash our hands thoroughly before eating if we have been touching coins. I’ll always try to get them in my purse as quickly as possible and could never consider eating with coins on view.
  5. When I was 15, I had spinal surgery to correct a curve in my spine, scoliosis. I had to learn to walk again and wear a body brace for 6 months. All whilst taking my GCSE’s. Post to follow on this.
  6. I literally like every type of music except heavy metal. The screaming type.
  7. I’m a serious chocoholic and struggle to go 24 hours without eating it. Except when I was pregnant then I wasn’t interested in the stuff.
  8. I love cats. A lot. I have three.
  9. Me and my hubbie have been together since we were 14 and 16. It will be 19 years this December.
  10. I’m a season ticket holder for my hometown football team and used to follow them all over the country too.
  11. I’m one of the only people in my family to have never smoked. I tried it once but it didn’t taste like chocolate so I didn’t see the point.
  12. I’ve been going grey since I was 15 years old and regularly dye my hair to cover it.
  13. When I was little I wanted to work in a zoo when I grew up. I saw an elephant poo and it was so huge I just wanted to spend all day shovelling it.
  14. For my GCSE’s I studied French and German because I wanted to work as a translator or travel rep.
  15. I did A-Level Media studies because I wanted to be a journalist but soon changed my mind once I did work experience at my local paper. I have too many morals and too much of a conscience to chase and hound people.
  16. I’ve only ever worked in one career, which I gave up once I became a Mummy. That career was surprisingly in pharmaceutics.
  17. I have a really young sounding voice and was once asked if I could put an adult on the phone during a takeaway pizza order when I was 25!
  18. Despite my talking voice sounding like I’m 5 years old, I actually sing quite deep, although I’m possibly tone deaf. Think Alanis Morissette maybe?
  19. I’ve worn hearing aids for the last three years, which I do sporadically due to inherited hearing loss.
  20. I suffer with migraines and migraine associated, positional vertigo.

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2 thoughts on “20 facts about me tag #20factsaboutme

    1. Oh gosh I really am. If there’s a level up from chocoholic even then thats’ me lol

      I’ve since thought of a number 21 too. I hate crumbs. Like putting my hand in places where there might be crumbs. Pockets, bottoms of bags, boxes. Bleugh. Definitely no chance I’ll ever become a pickpocket lol Repulses me lol

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