A tubthumping Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day in our household was seeming like an ordinary day. Hubs was having a lie in and I was going about my normal motherly , housewife duties when this just hit me.

Seeing fellow mummies share posts of breakfast in bed and showered with gifts (shame on me for having my birthday 6 days prior) I felt compelled to start writing.

And so a tubthumping Mother’s Day was born. Read this to the tune of Tubthumping by Chumbawamba. A hit with anyone old enough to remember the 90’s. Even better, pop the tune on in the background whilst you read my ‘alternative’ lyrics. I hope it brings a smile to your face.

Tubthumping – Chumbawamba

 A Tubthumping Mother’s Day

We’ll be singing, coz we’re women, we’ll be singing.

I get no sleep, I get up in the night, I’ve got a toddler who’s screaming “Milk!”
I get no sleep, but I get up at dawn, I ain’t never gonna lie in late!
I get him milk, but he won’t go to sleep, he wants to come and sleep in my bed.
I bring him in, but he won’t go to sleep, he wants the television on instead!

Wishing my life away…..tomorrows another day.

I change a wet nappy
I change a pooey nappy
I feed the toddler
I feed the pussy cats
I check my Facebook reminds me of the good times
I check my Instagram reminds me of the better times.

Ohhh…mummy I…mummy I..want my Paw Patrolllllll!!!!!!

I get back up and I sit down again….you won’t ever let me stay sat down!
I get your yoghurt….and then I get your drink
I’m feeling like some sort of waitress now
I get no tips
I get more whining
And Daddy is god knows where right now!
I’m thinking tea and something nice to eat
But I’ll just have to make my own in this house!

Putting the toys awayyyy
Putting the toys awayyyy

I clean the litter tray
I clean the bottles
I put the laundry on
I get the hoover out
I check my Facebook reminds me of the good times
I check my Instagram reminds me of the better times.

Don’t cry for me, it will soon be Fathers Day 😜

I get back up, and I sit down again….you won’t ever let me stay sat down.
I get some food
The cats done a poo
Will I ever get to finish my mouth
I sip my drink
And it’s gone cold again
I may just as well be nil by mouth
I get no break and then I hear hubs say,
Wish Mummy Happy Mothers Day!

Until next time…..

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Susie / S.H.I.T.

Love this – very funny and very clever! The cats done a poo….hilarious! Let’s face it, we are the skivvies of all skivvies – it’s a glam job this mothering! #KCACOLS

Rachel George, Ordinary Hopes

I love that song and was actually singing it myself the other day in relation to my Changing Places toilets campaign!

Thanks for linking with #KCACOLS. Do join again on Sunday.

Nicola | Mummy to Dex

Hehe this made me giggle! Loved this tune when it came out. Think I was 11 at the time.

(By the way tried to leave a comment on your Everyman post but couldn’t find the comment box?)


Devon Mama

Love it! Now I’ll have tubthumping stuck in my head ALL day so thanks for that!! #kcacols


This is brilliant!! I think you need to have words with your husband though. Surely you should have had the lie-in and not him?!

Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS and I hope to see you back again on Sunday x


I’m so glad I came back over to your blog, what a funny post and sooo true!! I swear my kids wait until my bum hits the sofa just so they can ask for some tat or other. It’s why my knees are shot to bits!