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The legend that was….

Now I’m in no way going to claim to be David Bowie’s biggest fan. Very far from it. But he was one of those people that I considered, as I’m sure many others do, to be an absolute iconic legend. 

I woke up and did my usual check in of the most recent events via Facebook. I suddenly scrolled down and saw a status saying “RIP star man”. My mind just didn’t register. Desperately eager to find out who had died I began frantically scrolling down the page to see more statuses but this time I saw it “RIP Bowie”. Having not realised he was unwell and in complete shock and disbelief, I clicked on the nearest reputable news page (just to be sure it wasn’t some sick hoax) and discovered to my absolute devastation that David Bowie had died after suffering with a battle with cancer. Suddenly the tears were rolling down my face. But I wasn’t his relative! I can probably only name a handful of his songs despite having his platinum collection. And then it dawned upon me. He was in that category. An absolute music legend in my opinion and I’m sure millions of others. Right up there on my icons list with Elvis, Dean Martin, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra and the one and only Freddie Mercury. Legends that I should have been around for during their peak. Legends that were on my “I wish I could have gone to see”. And in my mind Bowie was still capable of a concert. The opportunity was still there! And this morning to know it had been taken away was what hurt the most. To know that the songs we have from Bowie are all the songs we will ever have now. To have to say, “he was amazingrather than “he is“. 

I can’t tell you what got me interested in the music of Bowie but I’m an 80’s baby so I was brought up on the weird but wonderful Labrinth. Recently there have been rumours on Facebook of a sequel with the original cast, including Bowie. Another dream which will sadly not come true. 

Five years ago we all went to Butlins for a 70’s weekend at Butlins. I remember being so excited that one of the evening entertainment acts was a Bowie tribute act. When the night came I made sure I rushed to front and stood there screaming and jumping around. Part of me having lost sight of the fact this wasn’t even the real Bowie. That’s when I knew how much he meant to me.  

All of this may sound rather selfish but why do we mourn people if it’s not for the loss of their brilliance which we shall no longer be able to witness. At least in the case of Bowie he can live on through his music which I will ensure my son, currently one years old, will grow up listening too along with Elvis and the rest of them. Ensuring that the legends live on. 

And as I sit watching and listening to MTV’s tribute day to Bowie I realise I know a lot more of his songs than a handful. Definately enough to call myself a fan. 

My thoughts and sympathies are with his son and his family. How utterly distraught they must be to lose such an incredible man from their lives. 

RIP Bowie.