The scrupulous word

Thursday 28th September 2017 is National Poetry Day with the theme this year being;


I may be a little late to the party but I’ve been living it up in sunny Caister, Norfolk. However, now holiday mode is officially over I’m not going to let the opportunity of a poem pass me by.
I wrote these words with the aim to inspire, provoke thought and contemplation, promote compassion and encourage positivity and love. Enjoy.

The Scrupulous Word

Talk to me nicely
Earn my respect
I’ll always be kind to you
But with cause and effect
I’ll be brutally honest
Without holding back
If I feel the respect is on a one way track.

Don’t take me for granted
My chances are rationed
I expect good manners
Call me old fashioned
Apologies, thanks, they are all worth their weight
Excuses and ignorance are behaviours I hate.

Be accountable for the actions you make
The words that you spit and lies that you fake
Stand up
Own the words that you speak
The thoughts that you feel
Let strength beat the meek

Take me as I come
I’ve got nothing to hide
My remarks are to help
Not to hinder or snide
I’ll say what I feel if I think it’s of use
A promoter of kindness against the abuse


I’m here for anyone that would like to talk anytime. Much love.

If you would like to read more about compassion, check out this fab website I stumbled upon by Sharon Bull A compassionate voice .

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Kelly-Anne | Mimi Rose and Me

Oooh I live in Norfolk and love a trip to Caister with the family. This is a beautiful poem! #KCACOLS


I’ve never heard that poem before, I really like it tho. Thank you for sharing.


A lovely poem. Pen x #KCACOLS

Emma me and b make tea

really great poem! I wasn’t sure if you’d written it either! #KCACOLS


Lovely poem 🙂 I’m useless at poem writing! #KCACOLS

Helen @Talking_Mums

Fab poem, I don’t think manners are old fashioned at all. In my eyes they are the backbone of society. Well said x
Thanks for joining #kcacols

Rachel George, Ordinary Hopes

We need more people being a “promoter of kindness”. Thinking of others, compassion and kindness really do cost nothing. #KCACOLS

Ali Duke

This is lovely.

Bread // Queer Little Family

Great ending line. Really liked your poem. I’m currently doing OctPoWriMo. #kcacols

Laura @ Dot Makes 4

What a lovely poem. You’re definitely old fashioned! I too believe that manners are very important!