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Illumibowl Motion activated toilet night light review

*This post is our honest review of the Illumibowl toilet night light. I was provided with this product in return for this review. All opinions are my own.*

Those that know me, know that I like to be nothing if not unique. Add to this the fact that I am most definitely a lover of toilet talk, and you get the perfect accompaniment between product and reviewer. I’ve grown up with Dad’s farting at the dinner table and somehow the conversation always turns to poo. At my last job, I was well known throughout the department for choosing poo as my favourite topic of conversation.

I came across the Illumibowl on Facebook after seeing an advert. The pictures showed me everything I needed to know. When I saw the opportunity come up to review this fabulous item, I couldn’t wait to get started.


Having a 2.5 year old, I’m still woken at least once in the night to comfort him. This in turn usually awakens my bladder also. Up until now, I’ve always just peed in the dark to try and avoid waking myself up too much. Well not anymore!

Now when I make my night time visit to the loo, I am greeted by an array of eight colours. Glowing warmly from my toilet bowl, it feels little strange when I take a seat and still have a glow coming out from the seat edges. It’s a welcome glow, a “you didn’t just walk in here blind” glow.

My cat’s litter tray is also on the entrance to bathroom. One of my cats has issues with his poos and can sometimes carry them out of the tray. I have been known to step in these in the dark and get back into bed with my foot carrying some cat poop. Hopefully this is the end to this yukky practice.

The illumibowl fits easily onto the edge of your toilet bowl in much the same way as a toilet freshener. The only difference being that the box part stays on the outside. With the slim arm sitting on the inside holding the light, and lighting up your toilet bowl when you enter the room. The Illumibowl is sensor activated so you have to fit it facing the bathroom entrance to get the best from it. The arm is adequate at holding the device securely to the toilet bowl. The light will only activate when it is dark. It is powered by three AAA batteries.

Unfortunately for us, our toilet faces the bathroom door. This means I’ve had to fit it at the front of the toilet. Not a problem for me. My husband worries that it will quickly get pee on the light. You can easily clean the Illumibowl with a damp cloth, as per the instructions.

The light settings can be easily set to one favourite colour or rotate between red, orange, blue, green, a lighter shade of blue,purple, dark pink and light pink. I think my favourites are the pinks, blues and green.


Now for the company themselves. Any company that makes a product to prettify your toilet bowl has got to be pretty cool right?! It appears from there website that they are also working on a complementing product in America called the Illumisink. You guessed it, Illumisink lights up the tap where the water comes out. After all, we all know it’s good hygiene to wash our hands after using the loo. What a fab duo.

If you would like to order an Illumibowl motion-activated toilet night light they can be purchased from a variety of locations including Amazon.

Our overall household opinion is;

Me: This is such a fabulous product that I have to try and stop myself getting so excited that I wake up too much. It’s like a mini gentle disco whilst I pee.

Hubbie: He’s just worried he’s gonna piss on it. But it’s not the company’s fault our toilet is located where it is (his words).

George: (He’s not likely to see it until winter as he is sound asleep by the time it gets dark due to the time of year.) But I know this will be invaluable once he starts properly potty training and getting up in the night to use the loo. Hubs may actually find me and George hosting our own bathroom disco in the middle of the night.

Cats: They are probably thinking what the f***, but it lights up their bathroom experience too, so it’s win win.

My advice. Buy one. You won’t regret it. Give your friends and family toilet envy.

Everyone soooo knows what they are getting for Christmas from me now

Until next time…..

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The Bedtime Tag : My Routine

The Bedtime Tag, Bedtime Routine

The Bedtime Tag ; just a bit of fun to share with you all my bedtime routine. You may find something helpful you want to instill into your own routine, I have found some fab ideas from reading other posts in this tag.

Shout out to the lovely Tiny Footsteps for tagging me.

  1. Describe your usual bedtime routine.

Honestly, I’m not a stickler for routines although I am a creature of habit. On a good day, I’ll have gorgeous George bathed, he won’t have had a daytime nap, and come 7pm we’ll be in mine or his bed, three stories and he’ll be asleep. Commence “me time”. On a bad day I’ll wait until “Daddy” gets home and George will disappear upstairs so they can both watch football and “wind down” (tickling and screaming for 2 hours because they’ve missed each other) before falling asleep. I’ll enjoy my “me time” during this period by catching up on my phone, blogging, watching tele etc. Me and hubs will get 30-60mins alone together once George is asleep before we are too knackered to watch any more tele or make the most of each other’s company, if you get my drift. TMI!

The Bedtime Tag, child sleeping, bedtime story

2. What are your favourite pajamas?

If it smells clean and it’s comfy, I’ll wear it. My nightwear usually consists of leggings or a t-shirt vest top. I have some lovely fleecy bottoms but anything too baggy generally annoys me and I end up ripping it off in my sleep. It has to almost feel like my skin. That said, I can pretty much fall asleep anytime, anywhere, wearing anything.

3.What is your current bedtime reading?

Reading? I’m not quite sure I understand this question! If you have ever heard the type of dreams I have you would know that no book is going to compare to that shizzle! Get to sleep as quickly as possible and let the mental world of my imagination begin!

4.What would I find on your bedside table?

My phone, although I’m a good girl and switch it to airplane mode once i’m in bed so that I’m not disturbed. Technology in the bedroom is a bone of contention in our house because hubbie can’t sleep without watching something so we have come to a compromise with him watching his I-pad from his bedside, (as opposed to the 42″ tele he insists we have in our bedroom) keeping my side dark and calm. I also have tissues as a bedtime staple and a drink. When Geo wakes in the night, I check the time on my phone and when I return to my bed I always need a drink of water.

5.What scent makes you sleepy?

I don’t have a ‘sleepy scent’ but after joining this taggy I’m going to get one. At best, I’ll squirt some air freshener around if one of our three cats decides to do a shit. Their litter box is in the bathroom across the landing and they usually decide my mealtimes and bedtime are the perfect times for a crap.

6. What is your usual bedtime and wakeup time?

Typically 10/10:30pm I go to bed. George wakes me anytime from midnight to 3am. Just the once. For a bottle of milk. I’m on migraine prevention tablets which on the downside make me fatter but on the plus side have a sedating effect so I have no trouble falling back to sleep. My adorable little alarm clock then wakes me up to the tune of “Mummy, Mummy” at around 7am.

7. What are your top three bedtime products?

Huggies wet wipes for removing my makeup. Although it does diddly squat for my waterproof mascara and I often wake up panda eyed. I really need a better option. Colgate sensitive whitening toothpaste helps send me to the land of nod with sparkling, happy teeth. And my prescribed Pizotifen to prevent me from getting migraines. Rock and Roll!

panda eyes, The Bedtime Tag

8. What is your most common sleeping position?

I’m a tosser. Erm… lets rephrase that, I’m a fidget in bed but I tend to end up on one side or another with one leg out straight and one pulled up as high as possible. A position that didn’t work too well when I used to co-sleep.

9. Do you have anything you like to take to bed with you?

Hubbie. Awww. Vomits. No honestly we’ve slept in the same bed consistently for almost 10 years now so I miss him when he’s not there and usually settle easier if he comes to bed the same time as me.

The Bedtime Tag, couple sleeping

10. What is your worst bedtime habit?

I do have a tendency to steal the covers. I always have. And whilst I’m stealing the covers I may as well steal half the bed too. Hubby will be the first to tell you how he sleeps on a tiny sliver of bed, shivering. I’m the one who is up in the night tending to George, potential burglars, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms with low batteries, cats screaming at the window with anything that enters our garden. I know otherwise.

Time to tag some lovelies who would like to share their routine.


All Things Amy

The ten questions for my nominees to answer

  1. Describe your usual bedtime routine.
  2. What are your favourite pyjamas?
  3. What is your current bedtime reading?
  4. What would I find on your bedside table?
  5. What scent makes you sleepy?
  6. What is your usual bedtime and wakeup time?
  7. What are your top three bedtime products?
  8. What is your most common sleeping position?
  9. Do you have anything you like to take to bed with you?
  10. What is your worst bedtime habit?

The rules of the Bedtime Tag are included them:

Step 1: Thank the person who nominated you, and link back to their blog.
Step 2: Display the Bedtime badge; which you can find at the top of this post. (save the picture)
Step 3: Answer the ten questions included above.
Step 5: Nominate between three and five fellow bloggers to take part, and set them the questions.