Mummy’s first day at preschool. 

Ah it’s here. September. Back to school. It feels like when you are starting a new job. Excited but nervous. The kid? Well he’s oblivious. I have a two (nearly three) year old. He doesn’t NEED to go to preschool. So why am I putting us through this?

Well he’s always gone to nursery as I DID return to work for a few months. After I left I kept it on just to give myself some child free time if I’m honest. 
My health hasn’t been fab in recent months leaving me unable to drive to where George attended nursery. We had to make the difficult choice to remove him from the wonderful privately owned nursery that he attended from ten months old. 

We opted to get him a place in the government preschool adjoined to where will hopefully be his school in the future. 
This was always going to be somewhere he had to end up eventually. 

So why the anxiety Mummy? Well in his private nursery he was in the presence of two carers and roughly six children per room. I was reassured he would get the love and attention he would at home. He would be in view all the time so no one could hurt or bully him. 

His new preschool is linked to the primary school. When he starts tomorrow he will be in the regular presence of 27 children and 6 carers. I attended the settle in day. It’s a large space both indoors and outdoors. The carers physically could not be everywhere and see everything. 

There were what can only be described as several sadistic shitbags that I wouldn’t want to be left alone with George. I know the apron strings have got to be cut loose at some point and he’s got to learn to find his own way of dealing with things in the world. But he’s two. You can’t even explain to him. 

When George has been upset by other children I often respond by removing him from the situation and giving him a cuddle. I know some parents may argue that he should “man up and hit back”. I’ve asked George if he would hit another child back that hurt him and his response was “why?”.
This left me realising this little boy is being kind, thoughtful and considering just like his mummy and daddy. We are raising him to be as such so why would we suddenly tell him to hit people!
That said, hubs is teaching him to box. Although he currently only uses that on hubs. 

So I turned to my gentle parenting train of thought and suggested that if another child hurts him anytime I’m not around he should say 

“stop! That’s not nice, I’m going to tell a grown up”. 

Again I asked him if he would do this instead of his current method of simply standing and crying until someone rescues him and he said “no, I’ll just stand and cry”. 

So here I am. So excited for my little boys first day of preschool. All the wonderful new toys and children to play and interact with. New staff to meet and learn the schools ways. We have attended several seasonal open days there and he has never wanted to leave due to the sheer expanse of the place and how many activities there are to do. 

Yet my protective, worrying side is scared. I know children, as fickle as they are, can be put off by things after only one traumatic incident. That said he still absolutely loves any child that hits him so perhaps he is also going to be a forgiving soul too. 
As I wave goodbye tomorrow and give him a big kiss and a squeeze, I’ll run home and immerse myself in some wall knocking down (yes seriously, it’s on my to do list). And when I return I know my fears will be banished. I know he will have had a fab time. I know he will excel and flourish even more there. But I know this worry is here to stay. 
As he grows, so will my worry. I’m losing the grip. He will no longer have me to protect his every move. He’s two for crying out loud. It’s ok I tell myself. There is always home schooling. 
And then there are the other mums. What if none of them want to be friendly. What if they all know each other and aren’t very welcoming. Perhaps you can tell but I was bullied at school. If I was the person I am now I don’t think they would have been so successful but then perhaps if I wasn’t bullied I wouldn’t be as strong as I am now. 
We all just want our children to be happy, safe and protected. Don’t we? 

So for all the anxious mummies in the playground tomorrow, I feel you. A few words of wisdom for each other and a bit of support and I’m sure we will all get through this. And for the mums of the sadistic little shits, (although you probably don’t call them that) I feel for you, really I do. It must be tough looking after a kid like that, you have my empathy. 

Good luck to everyone starting or returning to school tomorrow, Daddy’s too. I’m sure this probably applies to you. Although I can’t help feeling Daddy’s just get on with things without all the worrying us women do. Would love to hear from some Daddy’s with little ones starting or returning to school. 

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Lisa Pomerantz

I have to say, our girls were so very eager to start school this year, the only ones with jitters was me, and my Mrs! As they age they love it, and as I age, ugh… Life is a journey and I am alive to tell the tale! A wonderful school year for your sensitive little soul! May more mamas of boys be like you lovely! #KCACOLS xoxo

Musings of a tired mummy...zzz...

My own experiences of being bullied have made me overly anxious that my children have strong friendships so they have people to turn to for support. The staff at the preschool and school are excellent #kcacols

Lydia C. Lee

Aw, it’s hard but it’s also great. I’m going through all this with our puppy going to a kennel in a few months when we go away. Seriously, I know, nuts!! #KALCOLS

susie / sohappyintown

Love this post. The whole school thing is a minefield and it took me ages to get my head round it. I remember with my eldest feeling so anxious when I left her because for the first time I wasn’t there to protect her. But they all got there in the end and I managed to let them go. #KCACOLS

Emma me and b make tea

lol hope the wall knocking down went well! starting school and nursery is tough but it’s just the next stage. I’ve been embracing it! #KCACOLS

Helen @talking_mums

It’s so hard isn’t it. My youngest starts preschool in Feb and I know it’s going to be tough. They are exposed to so much and our natural instinct is to protect them but when they’re in preschool we can’t. We’ll be ok and they will too x

Twicemicrowaved tea
Oh, I have the same worry. My little girl will start pre-school in January, having just turned 3 at the end of November and I am already beside myself. I admit I am a complete helicopter parent and can’t bear the thought of her climbing up a slide without me watching or getting into a spat with another little one without having me there to help her sort it out. I think children are often much tougher and much more resilient than we give them credit for – I just have to remember that sometimes! I hope things are going… Read more »
Twicemicrowaved tea

Ooops – forgot to say I came from #KCACOLS

Bread // Queer Little Family

I hope he does okay at the new nursery. The private nurseries around here actually forgot a kid in a minibus once during the hottest day of the year. So fuck that for my bubs. #kcacols


I remember leaving my son for his first day – I was so worried but he had such an awesome time. We moved him from his preschool to the school nursery when he was 3 and he took ages to make friends – I remember sobbing on the phone to the nursery manager as I couldn’t bear him to have no friends. He’s now 13, confident and popular with loads of friends. I needn’t have worried! #KCACOLS

Tracey Bowden

I hope he enjoyed his first day! I still remember my daughters first day too she loved it. I hope you managed ok too and didn’t worry too much 😉 #kcacols

Inclusive Home

Mums always worry! Hope your wee dude had an awesome time! #KCACOLS


I even had a mini meltdown this year..again and mine are now 8 and 11. I have all the summer with them and then i feel like I’m losing them to school when they go back, daft but happens every year on that first day!:)


Cygnet had his first settling in day at preschool yesterday. He is a bit and has literally just had his 3rd birthday. I think preschool is absolutely the right thing for him and will ease the transition for when he starts school next year. I also hope that he will get into the adjoining school.

They’ll be alright these boys. Pen x #KCACOLS

Kate Eccles

I hope he is getting on well at his new preschool. My three year old is in a similar setting, I think its good for them to get ready for school 🙂 #KCACOLS

I can really relate to the mixed emotional erratic feelings! I tried to put my daughter into a nursery since she was entitled to 2 year funding but she cried and I cried and she never wanted me to leave and wouldn’t interact at all and I just knew it wasn’t right for her. I know one day I’ll have to pull away a little bit more and get her ready for school and being away from me without either of us worrying but it’s just wayyy too hard at the minute! I hope your boy loves his new preschool… Read more »

My son is 16 months old so I have a time before I will put him in the nursery. But I think it will be hard for me not for him. I can;t imagine myself on that first day I will be crying like a baby:D

Crummy Mummy

Good luck I hope it all went well & he’s settling in nicely now! #KCACOLS