Life with a toddler – the 2014 model 

Does anyone else have a toddler, the male, 2014 model? It came with the early speech development add on already installed. The only reason I enquire is that I’m not sure if mine has a glitch. 

Let me explain in more detail. It was behaving fairly normally for two years and three months. In the past month though it’s suddenly developed a possible malfunction. It requests certain things and then when I produce these items it then proceeds to go into meltdown. It makes a high pitched whining noise and can often just collapse to the floor demanding the opposite to the thing it just requested. 

Toddler, two
The early speech development add on is useful in these situations in that it helps to determine more quickly, the error which has occurred. But it doesn’t always seem satisfied with my efforts to rectify the error. It can often produce statements which are very contradictory. 

I can’t fault it otherwise. It’s entertaining, the extra cute add on was definitely a wise investment, as was the “heart melting smile” option. It’s very helpful with everyday tasks and responds pretty well to suggestions and commands. 

Toddler, two
It’s pretty fuel efficient in that most of what I try to put into it is rejected and instead it prefers to run on empty. It’s relatively good at recharging itself through the day and night although sometimes I do have to help it during this process. I’m not sure if it was accidentally installed with the “extra reassurance” add on but it doesn’t seem to want to be left alone when recharging. 

Overall I love my male, toddler 2014 model. I am thinking of getting another but maybe hold out for the 2020 toddler model as I’ve heard that it may sync with my 2014 model better. 

If you can offer any tips to helps with these glitches then please do. I’m sure they are only temporary though so I will continue to monitor and document the behaviour for the time being. 

Until next time……

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    1. We aim to please, here at Gorgeousgeorgesmama. If you have any mummy or daddy friends who could do with a laugh by way of retaining their sanity, then please feel free to share with them ;p

      Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I’ve got the 2015 model and she’s malfunctioning too! Some days are fine and others we have smelt down because I didn’t get her the right socks.. #KCACOLS

    1. I don;t know about you but I have a few milliseconds where I think about returning mine (everyone recoils in horror). Oh come one, we’ve all thought it…..haven’t we!?!? Lol

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Ha! Yes, owner of one toddler 2014 model, also male, also with the early speech add on. It too has seemingly developed a similar fault to your own, with the addition of a kicking action that was a bit unexpected. The refusing fuel situation has been replaced with a “eat me out of house and home” bug and now I can’t fill it up. We’re expecting the v3 upgrade any day now so I suppose it might be growing again. At least the waste issues are now nearly under control. 🙂

    1. Loving your response. Not wishing the time away but it sounds like life has improved somewhat on the approach to the V3 model. Ha ha. Although you must be pretty desperate to disable the kicking action, ouch! Lol.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Also an owner of a male 2014 model!! It had a massive malfunction today. It has previously said sorry mama consistently even when not needed. (With the help of customer service we were able to fix this glitch!) however, today when the sorry
    Mama plugin was needed it was no where to be found and was instead replaced with an “I can”t” error. It took 45 minutes but eventually the plugins sorted themselves out and it said sorry mama again. I sure hope this isn’t going to be a continuing problem. I’ve got an updated model male 2016 (to complement male
    Model 1999 and 2008) and although they don’t have the same glitches they all came with an awesome mamas boy with heart melting smile features 😜 #kcacols

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