Easter 2017 – what’s all the fuss about? 

So here we are, Easter 2017, but what is the fuss all about? And clearly this year there is a fuss!

We all know the true meaning of Easter right? For some of us it’s the biblical meaning behind Easter. The rising of Christ. I’m not going to claim to know the details as I’m a non religious person. For others is all about the chocolate. Elaborate eggs or other shapes made from chocolate to indulge ourselves with. These are still a representation on Christianity. Symbolising new life in the same way as Jesus’s resurrection. 
My childhood memories of Easter are getting Easter eggs from relatives. We also used to make Easter bonnets. These would be worn in a parade around the school hall before a winner was announced. 
There were rumours of the Easter Bunny but it was vague and not such a feasible tale such as Father Christmas. 

Easter also prompts people to give up something they love for lent. A challenge again, with religious connotations but something I’ve been happily taking part in over the years. If nothing but to test my own will power and maybe lose a few pounds. 

Then there’s Easter 2017. The year we all went mad? Now I’m new to this “having a kid at Easter stuff”. Yes, George is two and half now but realistically he hasn’t been knowledgable about the whole Easter thing in previous years. But this year he gets it. 

The problem is that I don’t get it. I see Pinterest mums making Easter crafts for weeks prior to Easter. But I just couldn’t  muster the enthusiasm to take part. 
George has seen the eggs in the shops. Ionically just in time for him to become obsessed with chocolate. Relatives have brought him round eggs and he’s happily munched them. Hubs and I both bought him an egg. I bought him a simple £1 egg in a Paw patrol box which I knew would be gladly received. Hubs saw a chocolate train shaped “egg” and got him that too. 

George made an Easter card at nursery to bring home for us. We also got involved in painting with egg, bunny and chick stencils at our regular messy play session. We also visited our local farm and took part in an Easter egg hunt which was quite fun but again there wasn’t much explanation given as to why we all do this. 

However, my social media pals have had other ideas this year. I’ve seen pic after pic of parents having laid out a display of eggs, new toys, new clothes, Easter balloons and alike. All arranged in a Christmas or birthday style pile. Typically with a “can’t wait ’til little man/miss see’s their Easter treats”. Videos of children waking up and going downstairs to be surprised with their small mountain of Easter gifts. 
Did I miss the memo? Has this been the norm for years and I just never knew as I was childless? When did Easter become celebrated the same as Christmas? I even got a happy Easter card from my Dad! 

I haven’t returned this generosity. I have a grand total of 13 nieces and nephews and I don’t know how many friends children. I decided after buying Easter treats for them all last year that this just wasn’t sustainable. 

I’m by no means knocking people for doing this. Although I do find it a little unnecessary. Do what you like, if you can afford to. Mainly I don’t understand why?! Christmas has become a gift giving holiday for years now amongst a huge majority across the world. But aside from the giving of chocolate eggs and Easter egg hunts, when did the rest all start? 

We have woken up on Easter Sunday like it is any other day. We actually visited family and no one said Happy Easter to each other. 

You wouldn’t dream of seeing someone on Christmas Day and not saying Merry Christmas so I’m clearly not alone. 

What do you think? Has the commercialism got even more powerful this year? Did you buy your child lots of gifts for Easter? 

To all our readers, Christian or otherwise, wishing you a wonderful Easter and a Happy New Year (winks sarcastically). 

Signed the Easter Grinch. 

Until next time…….

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Beth Owen

*Claps hands*
I had written a status similair to this on my Facebook today. I honestly don’t get all the fuss about Easter. Each to their own but why buy toys and clothes etc!? It doesn’t make sense to me haha. #KCACOLS


Wait until Halloween, my children go completely crazy! I’ve tried to explain that not every “occasion” is an exciting holiday but they get so worked up by everything lol #kcacols

Sam - StressyMama

Haha love it. Everybody does go really over the top with Easter and Halloween these days. It is very easy to get swept up in it all, especially when the shops are stocked for weeks beforehand. I did make an Easter Bonnet this year and actually enjoyed it though haha. 😅

Peachy and her Mommy

I kind of like doing all the extras for all the holidays. Maybe not the gift giving but Peachy did get a bit of Easter chocolate and we did put up a few decorations. I want Peachy to have the experience even though she’s too little to really know what’s going on. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

Mummy Cat

I am equally an Easter grinch! I see people with Easter trees and ‘waking up to see what the bunny left you’ why?! Easter, like Christmas to us is all about family. We all bundle around my aunts house and have dinner and take the kids round their garden on a egg hunt after it .. none of this Easter tree nonsense 🙂

I always kind of overdo it for all the holidays. Our princess dolls come to life at night at Christmas time and get into mischief. We have a leprechaun who plays all sorts of tricks on us at St. Patrick’s day ( including dying my kids hair and painting their nails green!) St. Nicholas fills their shoes with candy on St. Nicholas day, and la Befana brings them baked treats on the epiphany. The Easter Bunny hides eggs, including a golden one, and the kid who finds that gets a special prize. I love all of it and I’ll never… Read more »
Hayley at Winging it with two boys

Love this! We opted to buy our boys a toy each for Easter, nothing expensive, and they got to pick it at the shop themselves – they were quite happy with that and so were we

I found a gingerbread house that was still in date from Christmas and as we had friends staying with kids I made an Easter bunny house, just to be a bit different and so the house wouldn’t go to waste

Tightwad Mama

Totally agree! I think it just shows how much the media and supermarket advertising works on people! It’s definitely getting too commercialised.

Alex @ That Butterfly Effect

Well said! I don’t even agree with buying so many presents at Christmas! I think our kids (i.e. this generation) have too many things and they lose their interest too quickly with so many toys, etc. I did do an Easter egg hunt for my 5-year old son but we’ve been rationing the eggs ever since Easter and he understands that. He’d be dancing on the ceiling if I let him have all the chocolates lol! xx