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The Best Job You Will Ever Apply For, Parenthood – The #KCACOLS Linky

Have you ever thought about that one job, the best job that you will ever apply for?

Remember when you saw that new position open within the company you’ve always admired and fantasised over? When you felt so bored of your old work life and wanted something new and exciting, so you applied for that ‘dream’ job. You told all your friends (the discreet ones anyways), about how much you wanted that new job. You tweaked your CV and practised your interview skills. And then the unthinkable happened and you got it! The job you wanted, the best job, was yours,  goodbye dreary old mundane job.

“I’m on my way to an exciting, new challenge” you told yourself.

Everyone around you, friends, family, colleagues became excited for you. Some were sad you would be leaving them but in general you was moving on to do something you had always wanted.
Finally, after much anticipation and wondering what your new job would be like, the day arrives. Will my boss like me? Will he think I work hard enough to make him happy? What if the increased hours are too much on me? The pay is a lot less, will I cope? Is it really the best job?

As the first week in your new role draws to a close, you have mixed feelings. Friends and family are still over the moon that you have embarked on a new stage in your life.

You are feeling pretty exhausted mentally, emotionally and physically. In fact you’ve hardly slept. Your boss gives you mixed signals which you are having trouble getting to grips with deciphering. One minute he’s over the moon with your efforts and all smiles. The next you have clearly done something wrong, although you are oblivious as to what, and he is screaming in your face. You only wish the company had procedures for how to deal with this but it’s up to you to work it for yourself.
Your friends and family give you advice on how they deal with their temperamental bosses but it’s not always helpful. Your boss is his own individual and wants what HE wants not what other bosses are necessarily satisfied with.

As time goes on you settle into your role more. You and your boss come to find common ground. However, he’s still a very changeable character and certainly keeps you on your toes. The pay still isn’t great but there are lots of non monetary benefits.

You have good days and bad, and days where you think about taking another promotion. It involves even more work but your boss would have less control as you would now have a consortium managing your everyday schedules.

Despite always wondering if you did the right thing by taking this job, it’s a fantastic job that you know many long to do. Your efforts are visible daily and you know the company just couldn’t thrive as it does without your input.

The best job is officially titled “Mother” or “Father”. But I prefer my badge to say Mama.

Best job
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Nicola | Mummy to Dex

Haha, great post. At first, I was so gobsmacked by a boss screaming in your face and then it clicked. Bit slow here!!


Madeline (This Glorious Life)

Loved this, being a mum is the best job I’ve ever had! x #KCACOLS

Lisa | Pass The Prosecco Please

So very true, enjoyed reading xx #KCACOLS

Laura - Mama, Eden & Me

Awesome post. I couldn’t have put it better myself! #KCACOLS

the frenchie mummy

great post! At first I really thought you were talking about being in a company and how hard it is as well as being a mama. But let’s be honest, just being a mama is the hardest job ever! And yes so many fab days and bad ones! THE rollercaster! LOL Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.

Ali Duke

What a great post. I love the perspective you wrote this from. Put a big smile on my face.

Kayla Arnold

Love this post! Being a mum is #1!! #KCACOLS